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10 Delicious Non-Alcoholic Drinks and Mocktails

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If you’re participating in Dry January or Dry February, or like to give up alcohol for Lent in the coming months, why not make it easier with my favourite delicious non-alcoholic drinks and mocktails!

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Dry January and Dry February become more and more popular every year. Last year even I participated, and I’m doing it again this year. Dry January started in the UK in 2013 with 4,000 people (source) and now millions take part in it every year.

When I participated last year, I felt so good that I continued on throughout Dry February. At first it took willpower, but over time I learned that it’s a lot easier if I plan ahead and bring my own non-alcoholic drinks, or when entertaining to offer mocktails for my guests.

Dry January or Dy February can be hard, especially if you’re stuck drinking soda while all your friends enjoy fine wine and cocktails, so why not make it easier with these 10 delicious non-alcoholic drinks and mocktails!

Here’s a list of my favorite big-batch non-alcoholic drinks and mocktails I’ll be mixing up this month!

Close of square white bowl full of bacon wrapped water chestnuts appetizers.
Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts Appetizer
Close up of Chipotle Mayo in white bowl with black rim on a grey napkin with three lime slices in the background.
Easy Chipotle Mayo Dip Recipe